Coaching that Redefines Executive Presence

Customizing every coaching experience to connect your vision to your success.





We focus on helping you to achieve results and make sustainable behaviour change for you, your team and ultimately your organization.

For Executives, Are you ready to move your career to the next level but tired of being passed over for advancement? For Organizations: Do your leaders need development to uplevel their capabilities?

UpLevel Coaching

Are you ready to move beyond your current circumstances and connect your vision with your success? We partner with you to achieve your goals by helping you address derailing behavior that stands in the way of advancement, increase self-awareness and strengthen your executive presence

Career & Transition Coaching

Are you a new Manager, struggling to find your footing as you step into leadership? Whether it is a new job or or new team lead position within your organisation we are here to help you quickly assimilate the necessary transformation skills.

Team Coaching

Are you and your team seeking to expand your capabilities and go beyond your current abilities? We partner with your team by honing both individual and group talent and help you introduce new ideas and see opportunities to improve team performance.

Soft-Skills Coaching For Executives

Are you a high impact individual who is technically strong but need to learn the soft skills to navigate within the leadership environment? Our one stop shop will design a bespoke ‘just – in – time’ program that will equip you to refine your interpersonal skills and help you lead with greater impact, finesse, and influence.

Ready to Start Coaching?

Our clients come to us either as corporate referrals or individually. We work effectively with executives, team leaders, or individual team members. 

Our Coaching explores and redefines executive presence.

Protocol Advisory Services & Courses

Maxine serves as a Protocol Advisor, providing a cultural context, conducting seminars and just -in- time sessions for visitors, entrepreneurs, conference attendees and persons doing business across borders.

Our courses include:Intercultural Exchange, Decorum,  Competency, and Expat Onboarding.


“My Coaching engagement with Mrs. Barnett started with a specialised focus on International Protocol and Global Etiquette… essential for all who do business across borders. This led to a second engagement where I requested Executive Coaching to prepare me for a new regional position for which I am being groomed. The Coaching has been invaluable, providing me with the needed skillset and confidence to manoeuvre through the many work scenarios faced both locally and abroad. I highly recommend Executive Coaching with Mrs. Barnett for any upwardly mobile professional or executive.”

J. Brown, Senior Manager, Banking

Founder & CEO

A former Executive in the Private, State and Multinational Sectors. Maxine Barnett, Founder of MB Consulting has worked at the nation’s Central Bank, the National Airline, and in the Energy, Security and Financial Services industries. Over the years, she has played a key role in talent acquisition, management and development for startups, mergers, expansions and organizational transformation.

She has brought this expertise first to her independent consulting practice, leveraging her skill as a Corporate Trainer and now as a Coach working one-on-one with Executives, Leaders, Managers, Professionals and and/or their teams. Maxine works with persons that are preparing to move to the next level and fulfill their career aspirations and those who are ready to transition in order to fulfill personal potential.Her clients include Corporate Executives, Academics, Government Officials, and Diplomats.