Coaching to Connect Your Vision With Your Success

Our Services

Maxine Barnett Consulting and Coaching is an expert at uplevel, transition, leadership assimilation and soft skills coaching for Executives. 

Our clients are multifaceted and work both in the private and public sector. We have experience in all industries including banking, accounting, insurance, finance, and governmental organizations.

Uplevel Coaching

Are you a Senior Manager or Executive who wants to be prepared for the next level, is forward-thinking or driven to advance to a higher level, and who is looking to move quickly.

Transition Coaching

Assimilating into a career change i.e. moving from employee to entrepreneur /business owner, joining a new team as First line Manager or Team leader or adjusting to the new workplace all require an understanding of and the application of transformation skills.

Soft-skills Coaching

Maxine has a passion for upending workplace incivility. She works with high-impact individuals who are technically strong but need to learn how to navigate within their leadership environment. Business etiquette and finesse is a vital skill for board members and executives who want to uplevel their ability to navigate successfully in any leadership environment.

"During the time Maxine Barnett coached me I saw myself transform personally and professionally.
She assisted me to become a more effective leader by not only encouraging me to equip myself
with me with the technical tools required to enhance my leadership skills but also the
soft skills that have redound to my overall personal development.
With this tool kit, tools, I am now equipped with the confidence to effectively
lead and build my team as I prepare for the next level.
The results are already evident from the feedback I have received from my Seniors."
S. D. S.
Banking Officer

Protocol Advisory

MB Consulting can help you avoid ‘faux pas’ by equipping you with the protocol intelligence skills which will prevent pitfalls and embarrassment. This would help you to treat with confidence and respect when interacting with others across borders virtually and/or in-person OR settling in a different culture.

Business Etiquette

Are you visiting, doing business or relocating or currently living and working abroad? It is not enough to be able to speak the language.

Career Coaching

Are you a Recent Graduate, Entry level, Middle Manager or Executive seeking to move to the next level?

MB Consulting customizes both individual and team coaching interventions based on the pillars of personal and professional transformation, which are now accepted as a business imperative and an essential component of leadership.

During Coaching, other client needs may surface. To meet these, MB Coaching Services team collaborates with Industry experts and incorporates outstanding professionals across disciplines to ensure it is a holistic experience that helps you reach your full potential.

Ready to Start Coaching?

Are you ready to move beyond your current circumstances and connect your vision with your success?

"My experience so far has been illuminating. The time spent focusing on my professional development has already reaped benefits.
I like the combination of suggested readings, mentorship and practical application. I find that the discussions have helped me
to look in the mirror and I have begun to consciously make changes. Mrs. Barnett is thorough and persuasive as she continues to ask questions
that encourage me to see what is possible. I would recommend her as Coach to any Manager or Professional who seeks to build new competencies
and take their career to the next level. It will be one of the best investments you make in yourself "
Blog Image 01
Assistant Vice President
Mutual Fund Advisory Services